Global Game Jam 2015 has come and gone but its spawn is here to stay. Over the weekend 5414 games were created all over the world, and while there are many great game jams out there, this is by far the biggest I ever participated in. Surprisingly it was also one of the more relaxed ones. My university provided food and drinks so we didn’t have to concern ourselves with the basic necessities and there was enough space to work in peace and quiet. But most importantly we managed our time and the scope of the game so well that I actually got not only one, but two good night rests!

After spending a few hours bouncing ideas we decided to make a short, tricky puzzle. As we had 48 hours we focused on a quick but dense experience and restrained our desire for lavish levels and elaborate mechanics.

Our play testers were very fond of the game, and according to them we will soon bathe in accolades and awards. To see if they were too nice to us check out the game over at Global Game Jam and have a look at the other games made at Brunel University.


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